Your Therapist - Ian Belsey

Having spent a lifetime in show business as a busy singer in the world of opera and music theatre, I once found myself in a rehearsal for a production with many dancers. Dancers are naturally tactile, and during periods of rest are often to be seen manipulating each other – trying to alleviate the stress their muscles are under. One of the dancers asked me if I would give her shoulders a massage, which I did, and after maybe ten minutes, she told me that I was a natural and should have some training.

I was fortunate to find in Zakia Collins an inspirational teacher, an extraordinarily spiritual human being as well as an excellent massage therapist. Initially studying Swedish Massage with her as well as an introduction to Cranial Sacral Therapy, she stood me in good stead for my future training, and I duly gained my ITEC certificate in Massage, which allows me to practice throughout Europe.


After an operation on my back, I was left unable to sit. I had subsequently been standing and laying in several very awkward positions causing a number of migraines. Ian started work on my neck and back, followed by a cranial massage and within a few minutes, my migraine was relieved. I didn't need any further medicine for the remainder of the day or the following week. I have found Ian to be very patient, kind and incredibly knowledgable and now regularly book in advance as I know that the level of professionalism that Ian devotes, is second to none. My only regret is that I didn't know about Ian sooner. I have recommended Ian to several friends now, and the feedback has always been very positive.
Guy Harris AssocRICS, Residential Building Surveyor, RICS Registered Valuer
Ian has a magical touch, he is a friendly, fantastic professional who visits me at home and makes me feel at ease during treatments. I frequently almost fell asleep during my sessions! After a few repeated sessions my tension has all gone. I still get a massage once a month to keep everything running smoothly.
David S

About V P Massage Therapy

Massage is an effective treatment for a number of medical conditions. It can alleviate stress and help in reducing feelings of anxiety, depression and general malaise. After a massage, those finding it difficult to sleep will often feel more relaxed and comfortable and able to sleep more easily. Many conditions can be improved by receiving a regular massage.